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At Flexpress, we’re known for producing great quality books, booklets and manuals at incredibly competitive prices. In fact, our starting price point is up to 50% cheaper than the main online brands!

However, we know it’s not JUST about price. So here are 8 more reasons you’ll love us too…

Here are 8 reasons why you'll love us:

1. No batching jobs together

We NEVER batch or gang jobs together and we only employ people who have the judgement and ability to produce a perfect job. In fact, by using us, your job is up to 5 times more likely to be right first time than by using the most common online printers.

2. True Trade Printer

We’re a true trade printer, are not part of a group and don’t have another brand stealing your clients. We only print for print professionals and don’t outsource to multiple printers here or in Europe. We print and finish everything ourselves, using our own team, right here in the UK and we’re discreet. In fact, even our proofing system, is white label so if you wish, you can forward proofs straight to clients.

3. Consistent Print Quality

We only use HP Indigo 100K digital and RMGT LED UV Lithographic print technologies for fast turnaround and consistent high quality. You won’t see any work printed on digital copiers from us.

4. Your loyalty is rewarded

Every time you purchase online, you’ll amass FREE PRINT CREDITS which can be used to discount against future orders, or saved for one free order.

5. Customer comes first

We’re always easy to reach and talk to; especially on the very rare occasion something goes wrong. And if that happens, we’ll always work hard to arrive at a solution that works for you and your client.

6. Payment options

If you prefer to be invoiced rather than pay immediately, we can open you a trading account that you can use online or offline and then take up to 60 days to pay.

7. We’re not only online

Almost 50% of the work we undertake is too bespoke for online ordering. So, for the occasions you may need something that little bit more unusual, we have dedicated estimators’ on-hand and ready to quote for your needs.

8. Credit available now

You’ll get £10 off your first order if you register NOW

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Still not convinced?

Request samples from us or head to our main site to price a job and see for yourself!

"Thank you guys. I got so fed up with my previous trade printer for lack of quality and quality control that I've tried Flexpress. Their spot UV velvet laminated business cards were exceptional quality with no blemishes or torn edges. Good work guys. Thank you."

- Adam Gale

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